Who We Are

If you’re looking for the perfect church or perfect people, then keep looking because you won’t find them at Grace Point. We’re a church of imperfect people. We are rough around the edges and about as real and ordinary as you’ll find. That’s how we know that what’s happening at Grace Point is purely a work of God. We know that God uses ordinary people to do extraordinary things.

Grace Point is a different kind of church. We dress casual and encourage fellowship within the congregation. Our desire is to create a community of believers that do life together every day of the week! We present real biblical truths in relevant and practical ways. We’re a church that desires to walk alongside the family and equip them to follow Jesus Christ, and create opportunities for the family to serve together in our community and internationally. We’re a church that strongly values the roles of men and women in service to God.

We’re a church that isn’t afraid to do things a little different. We’re a church that recognizes all we have and all we are is because of the grace of an almighty God to whom we worship, whether we’re camping in the country or worshiping together on Sunday morning. Most importantly, we are a church that knows that God’s grace abounds!