Meet Our Staff

Pastors:       BEN and LESLIE HUNT

Pastor Ben Hunt has an amazing testimony that you will have to hear to understand how incredible God has been to him and his family. The thing is, you have been no place that he hasn’t experienced.

Whether you have never known what a relationship with Christ is, or you are a new Christian, or you’ve walked with Him your whole life, Ben knows where you are at and his truest, most heartfelt core desire is to help you develop a deeper walk with our Lord and Savior.

If you come in from the field covered from head to toe with whatever you got into, or you are dressed for five-star restaurant, you had better expect a hug from him, because this man of God is all about LOVE and compassion for all in this church body.

Pastor Leslie Hunt grew up in a Spirit filled family. Before she could walk she saw the power of prayer and a life where God came first. She learned at an early age to pray with faith and give it all to God. 

She always felt that God had made her a woman that would live and serve God alone. But, she received a prophetic word that she would soon be meeting her husband and it wasn’t long before Ben came into the picture. It wasn’t always easy but, after years of personal prayers and leaning not on her own understanding, she and Ben are fired up to do whatever God has for them. There is little that people have gone through that God did not fix in their lives. 

Leslie, has the most compassionate heart you will ever find in anyone. She has a calling in her life to help ALL women. From children to retiree, she is always there. Her compassion can be felt by anyone who needs to get the weight off their shoulders as God has blessed her with Spiritual gifts that can change lives through the Holy Spirit, in Jesus name. 

Ben and Leslie Hunt, have 5 children, Adrian, Jordan, Diamond, Ethan, and Abby. The joy of their lives are their 6 grandbabies, Gunner, Harleigh, Gracelynn, Carter, Quinn, and Colt is on the way!

Worship Team:

Linda Rother (Vocals)
Boyce Rother (Vocals, and guitar)
Luis Garcia (Drums)

Children’s Leadership Team:

Youth Leadership Team: